Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Mango Ice Cream Recipe

A friend of mine taught me how to make delicious homemade mango ice cream. It is super quick and simple to make. You'll be surprised at how yummy the ice cream turns out to be. It'll last over a month (if you don't eat it all up before that).


30 oz/850 grams of mango pulp (I bought the tin can)

14 oz/396 grams of condensed milk (the little tin)

8 oz/226 grams of whipped topping (from the ice-cream section)


1. There's only one method. Mix all three ingredients well in a freeze safe box and let it freeze for five hours. 

The thing you need to make sure of is to taste check the mango pulp. If you think it is sweet, only pour half of the condensed milk. If its a little sour, add more. Taste check along the way. Don't pour the entire tin of condensed milk, it might get too sweet. Mix it up into a nice and smooth paste.

Let it rest in the freezer for five hours and then enjoy the yummy goodness :p

I made sponge cake and ate it with mango ice cream. Yummy yummy!

Have a nice day! 

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