Tuesday, October 16, 2012

DIY Wall Decals - Butterfly

Happy Navratri. It's such a beautiful day. It's cloudy, not too cold, definitely not hot, but just perfect. Reminds me of the "good weather" in UK. Ankit and I are both fasting today for Navratri, eating fruits and yogurt for a change. Hopefully, I'll shed some pounds, too (fingers crossed). 

I just got done watching English Vinglish, a bollywood movie, starring Sri Devi. I thought it was quite nice. Now, I'm planning to watch Heroine, another bollywood movie, starring Kareena Kapoor. That reminds me, she finally got married to Saif Ali Khan today (registered). Their nikaah (wedding) is tomorrow, I think. Good for them :)

I was talking to a friend today, after a long time, and she noticed pictures of my newly decorated living room on facebook. She asked me how much I bought the decals for. I told her they were for free because I made them :) Yay. So she asked me how and I tried to explain it to her over the phone, but don't think she quite understood it so I told her I'd put up a post on my blog about it. Today's topic is DIY wall decals. I'm going to explain just one design today and will explain my other designs tomorrow. 

The walls in my flat are off-white and textured. I've been figuring out ways to make the place look more exciting. I've put up pictures and paintings, but that spunk was missing. I would've loved to paint something on the walls, but considering this isn't my property, I couldn't actually go ahead and paint it. Then I thought, if I can't paint the walls, I can stick stuff on it! :D Yay for stickers!

Here's what I did:

I took construction paper (I chose black because it went with the color of my furniture, tv, photo frames, etc. . You may choose any color construction paper) and I cut out little butterflies and stuck them on the wall with putty! So simple. Let me show you how:

I'll explain it on a white sheet of paper so you can see the pencil marks clearly.
Step 2
Step 1 
First take a piece of construction paper and fold it in half. Then on the crease of one half of the paper, draw half a butterfly like shown in Step 1. Once that is done, the next step is to cut the paper along the drawing and you're done! 

This is how your cut-up, construction paper-butterfly will look. Put a little glitter on it to bling it up or leave it the way it is; your choice. Then use clay putty (because normal tape or glue will ruin your wall paint) on just the middle portion of the butterfly and stick it to the wall. Pull the wings out for it to look like a real butterfly sitting on the wall and not just a mere piece of paper.  

Decorate your wall however you like it. I put it around our family photo frames. If you have kids, you can cut up different color butterflies and put them up on the walls of your kids room and make it more colorful and fun for them. It's really a simple and cheap way to bring a dull room to life. 

Have a colorful day!

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