Thursday, October 11, 2012

Bombay Grill

I've been wanting to write about Bombay Grill for quite sometime. The first time I went there was on my 1st Anniversary (not wedding, but the first time I met my husband last year) for dinner. I haven't eaten Indian food this delicious in a LONG time. The food was just fantastic. I can't remember the last time we went to a restaurant and finished everything on the table, before coming to Bombay Grill. I remember telling Ankit, "I'm so full, but I haven't had enough of this food yet."

The owner is a man from Chandigarh, Punjab. The guy is a brilliant cook. His food is by far the best Indian food I've had in Utah. 

Now the problem with his restaurant is -- it's expensive!! His food may be great, but the prices are quite high, the restaurant isn't managed too well and there is just one waiter. I can see why there is one waiter; there usually isn't much of a crowd there. He's the only one I saw in the kitchen, cooking and one guy waiting tables. Their website has now been shut down. I'm afraid they'll close down if they don't start to make profits.

If the owner ever comes across my blog, I'd like him to know that his food is absolutely delicious. It may even be better than some 5-star restaurants in India. He needs to market his restaurant the right way, cut down the prices and fancy up the place a bit. The man has talent and I feel bad that it is not known to the world. 

Please go to Bombay Grill or order over the phone; you will love the food. We were licking fingers by the end of it. Give the man some credit for his food. 

Lots of love!

3035 Washington Boulevard, 
Ogden, UT 84401

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