Monday, October 15, 2012

Cheapest, Tastiest and Effortless Pizza

I love pizza. I think I could live on pizza. ...Kidding. But seriously, who doesn't like pizza? Ankit and I eat it at least once every week (usually over the weekend when I don't feel like cooking a lot). Two people only need a medium-sized pizza. A medium pizza at various different pizza places will cost you anywhere between $8-12. 

Making pizza at home takes a lot of effort, too. Make the dough, make the pizza sauce --Ah, so much effort! And who wants to slave in the kitchen on a weekend when you can lay on the couch with your hubbie and watch a nice movie? In any case, you will still end up spending money buying flour, yeast, pizza sauce (even if you make it at home) and the extra effort into putting it all together and doing the dishes afterwards. Even more frustrating when the dough won't cooperate with you. 

Ankit and I eat a medium (10 in.) pizza for $2.5 with as many toppings as our heart desires. Want to know how?

We buy the Kirkland cheese pizza from Costco. It costs about $10 for four frozen cheese pizzas. The crust is not thin, nor deep dish, but just perfect. The pizza sauce on it is just the right amount with a generous topping of cheese. 

Now, I'll show you how to make it the tastiest pizza ever. 

This is the frozen Kirkland Cheese Pizza from Costco
Unwrap the pizza and place it in an oven dish. Pre-heat oven at 425 degrees Fahrenheit (218 degrees Celsius).

Meanwhile, cut all the veggies that you want as toppings on your pizza. I used onions, spinach, bell peppers, sweet corn and chopped garlic. I would've loved to add mushrooms and olives, too, if I had any left. You may add as many and as much as you like. 

Before adding all the veggies, generously sprinkle some Italian seasoning and a little bit of chili flakes over the cheese. Now, evenly spread all the vegetables on top of the pizza.

Finally, put another generous layer of shredded mozarella cheese. I put a little bit of some Mexican cheeses, too, just for some more flavor. But you can choose to omit that option.

Now, place the pizza on the pre-heated oven rack for about ten minutes. Within nine minutes, you will start to smell the lovely fragrances. When you check to see if the pizza is cooked, make sure the cheese has completely melted and the pizza is slightly brown from the sides. 

Your pizza all done and ready to eat! :) Enjoy with ketchup and oregano.
You cannot get a cheaper and tastier pizza than this with no effort at all. We eat this almost every weekend and love it! However, I have promised myself to make pizza by scratch one day. But on lazy weekends, this is the perfect lunch/dinner.

Give it a shot.
Lots of love!

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