Friday, October 5, 2012

Autumn in Utah

Last week, Ankit came home and said "I want to take you out to see the autumn trees changing color." I could see the mountains from my house changing colors, but none of the trees at our place had changed yet. So, as usual, I got excited, picked up my camera and took off with him.

We drove past the canyon where my husband usually drives to work every morning and already I could see a difference. Everywhere I looked, there were trees of the shade of red, orange, yellow, green. It was beautiful. We drove towards the Snow Basin Ski Resort and there my eyes and mouth popped open. It looked as if God had painted a canvas so colorful. Every time I turned my head, I wanted to click more and more pictures. Unfortunately, the camera would never be able to capture what our eyes had witnessed. Maybe an SLR would... hmmm...

I noticed a lot of families, dressed alike, had come here to have family photos clicked. I can see why; the background is just gorgeous! I can see myself coming out here someday when my family is complete to get family photos taken. The place was ten times prettier than what you see in these pictures. These photos have been taken from a digital camera.

Ankit has been in Utah for a few years now, so he had seen all this before. It was my first time witnessing something this amazing. I moved to the States (for the first time) about six months ago, after I married Ankit. So everything here is very new still. Autumn in India is NOTHING compared to this. I lived a year in England, too, but I had never seen anything so beautiful before. I can't wait until it snows. I'm already so excited.

Here is me, going gaga over the view and the lovely weather. I could stay here all day and click pictures. I feel lucky to be able to witness all these gorgeous places that God created. I'd say, if you haven't been to Snow Basin Ski Resort during Autumn and you live in Utah, you should go right now and check it out. The leaves won't stay on for long. This is a sight not to miss. Although, I'm very sure there are many more areas such as this place in Utah that I don't know about yet. This place is just gorgeous. What can I say? :)

Have a nice Autumn, everyone :)

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