Tuesday, October 23, 2012

First Snow of the Season

It started raining pretty heavily in the evening yesterday. This morning, we woke up at 6 am to wish our parents 'happy anniversary'. I was half asleep and could hear the rainfall. Barely opening my eyes, I said "Wow, it's still raining." Ankit was already up, ordering pizza and stuff for our parents in India. He got out of bed for some work and peeked out of the window and said "It's snowing, too." I said "Nah...not possible. It's too early for snow." It was like 60 degrees fahrenheit (16 degrees Celsius) yesterday, so it couldn't possibly snow at that temperature. Ankit rolled up the blinds and sure enough, I could see white dots in the air. I immediately sprang out of bed. My eyes (which were droopy and sleepy before) widened and there it was, the first snow of the season. 

And the temperature is no longer 16 degrees Celsius. 

Yesterday, I was clicking pictures of the fall and colorful leaves on the ground and today, it's all white. Amazing. Fall snow, that's a first for me.

The snow started to fall quite heavily by the time I decided to fully wake up and head for shower. The mountains behind were completely invisible and covered by fog.

 The snow has stopped now and the mountains are visible again, covered in white. Fabulous.

I'm in love. It took me forever to cook breakfast today because I couldn't keep my eyes off the window. The view is unbelievable and as I always say, the camera can never do justice to the beauty of nature. I feel like singing Christmas songs (haha) and dancing. They say Utah has the best snow in the world. I guess I'll find out. 

Have a lovely day :)

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