Thursday, October 11, 2012

iPhone 5

Yesterday, I received my last birthday gift. Guess what? ... iPhone 5 :)
It's beautiful. I absolutely love it. This would be my very first iPhone, but I got some hands-on experience with an iPhone 3gs, which I was using temporarily until my very own one arrived. I love this phone. I hope Ankit buys one, too.
For all the people fretting about how the iPhone 5 isn't anything great-- get a life. If you like android, good for you :)

It's thin, light, nice to hold, really fast, efficient, and pretty looking. Here's a picture:

New iPhone 5
I don't want to go on about its tech specs. I reckon you can read all that at I'm just excited about my new phone and wanted to share some of the excitement. If you like apple products, you'll like this phone, too. It's purrrrdyyyy :)
Just this much for now! 



  1. I love iPhone,was using 4s before but for a change now i got my new Samsung Galaxy which is surprisingly good..(well to be honest not that tech freak so everything works)but iPhone is iPhone..:)