Thursday, October 11, 2012

Easy DIY Mail Box

Do you have clutter issues at home? I do. It seems every time we bring the mail home, it keeps piling up everywhere. Gets annoying after a while. We did buy a paper shredder so that we could clean it up over the weekends, but there are weekends when both Ankit and I get lazy and don't do any cleaning. So as a result, the mail keeps growing on the table until the entire table looks like a total mess. Well, today I decided to clean up the table and while I was collecting all the mail and wondering how to organize it, a light bulb flashed in my head :p 

Usually, I never know which mail to keep and which to throw away, so I leave it for Ankit to organize. Sometimes that organization takes a month or two to happen during which, the table starts looking like junk. 
So today I created a little desktop mail box. 

It's really quite simple. You will need a cardboard box, construction paper, scissors and glue. Could be any box. We usually get all sorts of boxes in the mail, courier, etc.. You decide the size. I just used my cereal box. 

Step 1: Cut one side of your cardboard box with scissors. So it should look like one side is open.
Step 2: Cover all sides with construction paper using Elmer's glue (or any glue and whichever color  construction paper you like).

That's it :)

Here's a picture of how it looks once it's done.

DIY Mail Box

It's not perfect, but it'll do. You can fancy it up by putting a nice label over it. Stuff all your mail that is laying all over your house into one little box. You'll never lose any mail and the house will remain tidy. 

Our desk finally clean
This little work place was swamped with mails and magazines. I even stuffed the magazines in the box. Now I don't need to worry about it being everywhere. 

If you're having the same problem, this is a good, inexpensive way to de-clutter your desk. 
Hope it works for you, too :)