Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Mera Jahan

I usually put on a hindi movie with good songs while I do my daily chores at home. I don't think I can live alone at home if it's too quiet. Movies usually make me feel at ease when I'm alone. I put on Taare Zameen Par today and this song caught my attention. These are words of a child; very meaningful.

Here are the lyrics and I've tried to translate to the best of my ability. 

Singers: Adnan Sami, Auriel Cordo, Ananya Wadkar


A Little Sweet, A Little Sour
A Little Close, Not Too Far
All I Need, All I Need
All I Need Is To Be Free

Chhoo Loon Main (I can touch it)
Itna Kareeb (So close)
Chal Padun (Start walking)
Toh Kitna Door (It seems far)
Sapnon Ka Buna Sweater Sa Warm (Warm as a sweater knitted of dreams)
Safed Baadalon Ke Paar (Past the white clouds lies)
Mera Jahan (My world)

Let Me In Without A Shout
Let Me In I Have A Doubt
There Are More, Many More
Many Many Many More Like Me

Akela Nahin Main (I'm not alone)
Khuli Aankhon Se Neend Mein Chalta (Sleep walking with my eyes open)
Girta Zyada, Kam Sambhalta (Tripping more, protecting myself less)
Phir Bhi Na Koi Shaq, Na Shuba (Still without doubts or suspicion)
Nikalega Phir Se Sooraj Jo Dooba (The sun that set will rise again)
Hairat Ho Sabko Aisa (Amazing everyone, like that)
Ajooba Hai Mera Jahan (My world is miraculous)

Open Eyed How I Run
How I Run To The Other Side
Then I Glide Like A Bird
I Just Want To Be

Udne Ko Sau Pankh Diye Hai (100 feathers have been given to fly)
Chadhne Ko Khula Aasmaan (An open sky to climb)
Mudne Ko Hai Karwat Karwat (Sides to turn)
Aur Badhne Ko Mera Jahan (And my world to grow)

Bachpan Ke Din Chaar (Childhood won't remain long)
Na Aayenge Baar Baar (It will not come again)
Jee Le Jee Le Mere Yaar (Live it, live it, my friend)
Jeib Khaali To Udhaar (If pocket is empty, then borrow)
Jee Zindagi (Live life)

Here's a link to the song: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7oYqanTWruE

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