Thursday, November 29, 2012

Nokia Lumia 920

Ankit just bought a new phone, Nokia Lumia 920. His five year old iPhone was now almost dying so we figured we needed to get something new and fast. I already had the iPhone 5 so he didn't bother buying another one and decided to look at something different. We had been hearing about the Nokia phone for quite a while now and clearly it was winning in almost all aspects when compared to the iPhone 5 (I have to admit it, even though I love my iPhone). We went and got it on a Black Friday deal and the phone is lovely. I personally love the red one. It doesn't feel like a phone. It feels like a very savvy piece of technology when you use it.

That is the lock screen. It has a bigger screen than the iPhone 5 and higher pixel density. It also has a flash with dual LEDs and sensor shift stabilization. But honestly, I tested the iPhone 5 camera with this one and I think that the fight is very close. I still think iPhone 5 clicks better pictures but Ankit disagrees. iPhone 5 does happen to have an built-in HDR mode which Nokia Lumia 920 doesn't. It does, however, have 0.7 more megapixels than the iPhone 5 and also a better front camera. I think it was very close and maybe I'm biased, but I think my phone has a better camera (lol). 

The iPhone happens to have way more apps than Windows but Ankit looked though it and said that all the important apps that are needed are available for free. The phone also has an inbuilt Microsoft Office (which I think is brilliant). The amount of ringtones that this phone has to offer is so fantastic and really awesome tones (even Bollywood music). I wish iPhone also had more variety in terms of the tones. It would've been more fun. Movies are more fun to watch on this phone because the screen is so nice and big. It's definitely heavier and bigger than the iPhone. 

I'm realizing this post is slowly turning into a comparison between iPhone 5 and Nokia Lumia 920. Let's get back to talking about just Nokia for now. The Nokia Lumia 920 has a radio, Near-Field-Communication (NFC) (allows wireless transactions like payments), super fast uploads, wireless charging, USB mass storage support and a very good battery back up. 

Overall, we loved this phone. Ankit fiddles with it all day long (as far as I know). He keeps telling me he has a better phone and I always deny it but must admit that he's right. If people think that there isn't a better smart phone out there than the iPhone, then they are sorely mistaken. iPhone needs to come up with something out of the norms to beat this baby. 

The new Nokia Lumia 920


  1. Nokia Lumia 920's 4.5”, 332ppi, 1,280x768p resolution display and i think these Mobiles Display makes Smart ;)

  2. I know! Right?? I thought the same about the camera but my husband disagrees. I thought I was just biased. Good to have someone who agrees :)